Welcome to Girl Candy
by Sherri

My name is Sherri and I’m the owner of Girl Candy out of Seabrook, Texas. I started out making candles and I loved pouring them. I made candles for years as a hobby then got out of it for a while. All though I do not make candles any longer I do make wax melts which are so much fun! Everything at Girl Candy is hand poured. I find making soap and wax melts is my happy place. I absolutely love candles, bath & body products, basically anything that smells YUMMY, which led to the start of this adventure. I am best known for my Whipped Soap & Foaming Scrubs, heavily scented & shaped Candy Melts & Candy Wax Loaves that are a soy & parasoy blend. I have been expanding my line into bath & body care and I am very excited for things to come with that!